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    Felix Lund

    • Age:18
    • Height:185 cm
    • Weight:67 kg
    • Hair color:Brown
    • Eye color:Brown
    • Cock size:18 cm
    • Orientation:gay
    • Role:versatile

    Felix Lund is a stunning young man, a sexy and slim 18-year-old student planning for a career in wine-making. When he's not studying he likes to perform on webcam for his fans, watch old 80's movies or go dancing with his friends in the city. As you can imagine, he doesn't have to try too hard to find partners to share his big cock with, everyone wants to play with his long uncut dick and take a ride on the top boy. Although he's only 18 he's very sexually adventurous and he likes to meet new guys who can really appreciate his dick. We would all volunteer for that!




    Arthur Vink

    • Age:20
    • Height:181 cm
    • Weight:62 kg
    • Hair color:Blond
    • Eye color:Hazel
    • Cock size:18 cm
    • Orientation:gay
    • Role:Versatile

    Sweet young Arthur is a handsome and smooth young twink, a student who likes graphic novels and video games. He's a big of a geek by his own admission, and perhaps that's why he's working toward a degree in business and finance. He's not all about working hard, he gets out of the house and the classroom regularly, going on camping trips with his friends and enjoying music festivals and concerts. He's not very experienced when it comes to sex and making videos, but we know some boys who would love to teach him.








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